Q: What tickets can I buy with my holdall® on Lynx buses?

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A: You can purchase Single, Return, Day, 10-trip and Weekly tickets, only with your holdall® card you’ll be paying 5% less than you would than if you paid with cash!

Q: How can I top up my sQuid card or check my balance?

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A: To add funds to your sQuid account or check your balance simply click here and follow the on screen instructions. Remember you must top up by 9pm to travel the next day after 6am.

Q: Is there an expiry date on the sQuid Travel Purse?

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A: Your holdall® smartcard will expire after seven years and with that so will the sQuid Travel Purse.

Q: Can I use my money that’s held with sQuid to pay for other buses in the area?

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A: Absolutely, you can use your funds to pay for tickets with Sanders Coaches, Simonds, Norwich Park & Ride and West Norfolk Community Transport.

Q: What if I get on the bus and the card doesn’t work?

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A: If your card doesn't work when presented to the driver, check the balance on your card on the sQuid website. Or you can ask the driver for a “smartcard print”. This is a print off of the current contents of your holdall®.
If you can't resolve the issue use cash and retain your ticket and let Norfolk County Council know what happened via the following web form.

Q: Is sQuid like a credit/debit card?

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A: No - to use the sQuid Travel Purse on the holdall® smartcard you must pre-load money onto the card. You can do this via the sQuid secure website, simply login to your account and follow the instructions.

You can only spend what you have loaded on to the card.

If you sign up for auto top up, be aware that when your sQuid balance falls below the £8 threshold, £20 will automatically be deducted from your nominated bank account.

The maximum total balance you can have on your sQuid Travel Purse is £50.
You do not need a PIN to use the sQuid Travel Purse on the holdall® smartcard. You do need to tell the driver what ticket(s) you would like to buy. Once the tickets are entered, the machine will know how much to deduct from your sQuid Travel Purse. Buying a ticket with sQuid is just like buying a regular day ticket on the bus, but instead of handing over cash, the money is deducted from your sQuid Travel Purse.

Q: How do I set up Auto top ups with sQuid on the holdall® smartcard?

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A: Automatic Top-Up, also referred to as Auto Top-Up, is a convenient way of making sure your sQuid Travel Purse is always loaded. By setting up an Auto top-up on the sQuid portal, you will be able to make sure you never run out of credit. Whenever your travel balance falls below £8 your account will be topped up with £20 from your stored Debit or Credit Card. This top-up is collected when you use your smartcard on a ticket machine to pay your bus fare. Automatic Top-Up gives you the peace of mind of knowing your holdall® smartcard is always ready to travel.

Q: What do I do if I’ve lost my card or it’s been stolen?

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A: Sign in to the holdall® website to report your card lost, stolen or damaged and order a replacement card. We will automatically block your lost card to prevent further usage. Reporting your holdall® smartcard as lost, stolen or damaged means that everything on your smartcard will be blocked. This includes any prepaid tickets you may have purchased and any money you may have in your sQuid Travel Purse. Once you have ordered and received a replacement card you can register it with your sQuid account to transfer any remaining funds to your new card.

Q: Anything else we can help with?

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A: We’re here to help you so drop us line on 01553 611955 or email at