ticket types
Whether you're a regular traveller or want to just travel with us from time to time we've got a range of great value tickets that you'll love! You'll need to pay the driver in cash and it's really helpful if you have the right money but if you can't don't worry as our drivers do carry change.

Single (One-trip tickets) - Purchase a single ticket if you're just making one journey. We sell Adult, 16-19, Child and Group versions of One-Way tickets. If you have a concessionary travel pass and are travelling before 0930hrs Monday to Friday you can show your pass to receive a discounted single fare. Please remember that you cannot break a journey with single ticket. 

Two-Trip - These are like a traditional return ticket, but much better! You can use the two-trip ticket to make a return journey from your destination or alternatively make two one way trips from your origin. You also have one month from the day of issue to use your second trip! So you could make a trip from Hunstanton to King's Lynn one day and return another day or you could make two trips from Hunstanton to King's Lynn in a month. What's more you don't even have to travel back to the same place you started from (so long as it's not further than your start point). We sell Adult, 16-19, Child and Group versions of Two-trip tickets. Please remember that if you a break a journey and re-board you will have used up the second trip.

Day tickets -  These tickets are great if you're going to jumping on and off different Lynxbus services in a day. So for example if you're visiting a friend in the morning in Hunstanton, then off to the Hospital then returning home to Lynn in the evening a Day ticket would be your best bet as they give a days unlimited travel. Day tickets are priced at £14 Group, £7 Adult, £6 16-19's and £5 Child.

10 trip tickets - These tickets are great if you're making 10 one-way trips in a month between two points. The driver will place the ticket in a wallet and each time you travel our driver will punch your ticket. These tickets are cheaper than buying 10 one-way tickets. We sell Adult, 16-19 and Child 10 trip tickets.

Weekly tickets - These tickets give seven days unlimited travel between two points so ideal if you're heading to school, college or work! Generally you'll save money on return tickets if you travel for four days or more. We sell Adult, 16-19 and Child Weekly tickets. Anywhere weekly tickets are also available giving unlimited travel on all Lynx buses except for route 414. These are priced at £28 Adult, £24 16-19's and £20 Child.

Monthly tickets - These are smilar to Weekly tickets but are instead give unlimited travel between two points for an entire calendar month from the say of purchase. So if you buy a Monthly on the 1st January 2015 this would expire at the end of 31st January 2015. We sell Adult, 16-19 and Child Weekly tickets.

We also offer a range of longer term tickets including termly (for students), 6 monthly and annual passes (available to all). If you'd like to know more information about these then please contact us.

Please note Monthly, Termly or Annual tickets are not available on Service 414. 

Other fares & tickets

Concessionary Pass Holders - We accept all English National Concessionary bus passes for free travel for journeys after 0930hrs Mondays-Fridays and all day Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. Simply place your pass on the ticket machine and wait for the beep and green light. If you're travelling with Lynxbus before 0930hrs Mondays-Fridays please show your pass and you'll receive a discounted fare.

Passes that display the clockface symbol are valid for free travel at all times and passes showing C+ enable a companion to travel free with the passholder (but not before 0930hrs Mondays-Fridays)

Ticket classes

Under 5's - Two under 5's can travel free every fare paying passenger. If you have more two under 5's travelling then you'll need to purchase a Child tickets for them. If you hold a concessionary bus pass you'll need to pay for every under 5 travelling with you.

Child - Child tickets are for children after their 5th birthday until they hit their 16th birthday. Child tickets give around a 30% discount on the equivilent adult fare.

16-19 year olds - These are for young persons from their 16th birthday until their 20th birthday. 16-19 tickets give around a 20% discount on the equivilent adult fare.

20+ Adult - This is the full fare for those 20 years old and over that do not have a concessionary bus pass.

Group - A group ticket is available in Single, Return or Day form for a group of up to 5 persons travelling together. A maximum of two people in a group can be adults. 16-19 year olds count as adults.